“When you’re early stage you’re not confident about doing the right thing or not, always questioning. AOK Group helped me build our brand vision and crack our ‘why’ and then they validated it with customer insights research. It has been beyond helpful, it’s bigger than that. Also they’re friendly, flexible, and patient as a partner to work with— I recommend them to fellow founders in Russia often.”

— Victoria duben CEO & CO-FOUNDER, VIEWST

“Unlike other consultants in the startup space, AOK Group got our mission rapidly and shared our vision for solving our customer’s core problem. This was so refreshing and made for a productive and efficient start to our work. They embraced our vision and build a strong scaffold around our roadmap for growth by bringing experiences of similar scaling businesses from other verticals that really helps me map and plan.”


“AOK Group has such fresh ideas. They have insights into our own industry and the current tech landscape that we don’t have. On the other hand — they share insights from other markets we don’t know that are very complimentary and add context for our vision. They’re really quick and their strategy is spot on. This is exactly what we need to help us grow because we have nothing like it in our company.” 



Select Clients Include:


Who Grows With Us:


Once you have your product built, we guide you through creating brand strategies that help you scale. While most of our clients are seed through series A tech startups, we love helping small businesses and makers leverage growth strategies to rapidly scale and build an audience.


Our depth of knowledge with scaling startups helps us ignite intrapreneurship (thinking like a nimble startup) even within complex team infrastructures at Fortune 500 companies. We generate unconventional campaign strategies to reposition you as a digital company in 2019.


We act as ‘Strategy & Marketing Team In Residence’ and provide their portfolio companies with brand strategy and growth marketing. Our quick and impactful pitch deck overhauls are frequently insisted upon by investors for fundraising companies.