Growing Small Businesses

AOK Group cultivates local small businesses with the same care and success as enterprise-facing tech startups. Scaling is scaling and we love helping creative entrepreneurs, service providers and makers grow their client base with thoughtful brand vision, customer insights, paid media, and content.

“Having my pitch deck strategized, written, and designed by AOK Group made me feel very supported and prepared for investor conversations and sales pitches. Now I’m better empowered to present AMMO in an impactful manner. Working with AOK Group was an incredibly insightful, useful, and beneficial endeavor that I’d recommend to any business owner. It was time and money well spent.”

—Elliot Lyman, AMMO Bars co-founder

Whitnee Shulman_Ammo Energy bars_final-1 (1).jpg


Co-founder and CEO Elliot is about as hands-on as our founders get: he’s hand-crafting buzzy, delicious and healthy Ammo bars! With more caffeine than any other meal replacement or energy bar on the market, Ammo surges ahead of the caffeinated snack trend wave. We created a concise and impactful pitch deck to share Ammo’s benefits to potential partners and investors. Stay tuned — Ammo arrives on college campuses, at conferences, and in subscription boxes soon!

“My books have been at about full for most of 2019 and I believe it’s because of the streamlined nature of my brand and web presence. I feel so grateful for everything AOK Group did for me.

The website they built me is a total hit. It’s beautiful and super easy to navigate. People compliment it all the time. New clients use it to learn about my services and book appointments on their own. It’s amazing!”

—Margaret Indiana, Massage & Reiki



Margaret’s magical healing hands have a fervent following with her clientele all over the city who flock to her Upper West Side studio. We were thrilled to help Margaret relaunch her website with more defined messaging. We were also pleased to help Margaret work through some revenue growth and optimization. Over the course of a few months with a few simple tactical shifts, Margaret was able to 1.5x her revenue in fewer hours, with more control over her weekly schedule.

“As an artist and creative, focusing on business can be challenging. AOK Group saw my strategic vision and filled in the gaps. I felt so safe and so inspired!

I walked away with increased confidence and also with a deeper knowledge of actionable steps to grow my business. When you invest in yourself, the universe pays that back double, so why would you struggle when your path can be clearer with help?”

—Stefanie Caponi, Moon Void Tarot



Illustrator Stefanie Caponi has quickly become a cult favorite among Brooklyn witches for her beautiful and striking tarot deck. We advised her against crowdfunding and helped her to scale the business on revenue. We developed brand strategy for Moon Void and supported in her Shopify e-commerce platform launch. We’re thrilled to see #MVTcoven thrive and to spot the deck in spiritual shops across the city — check it out at CatLand and Jill Lindsey (where Stefanie also moonlights as a house astrologist).